Research the term Social Justice from the class wiki. Once you have a better understanding of what this term means. Choose a cause that you feel strongly about and research that specific cause. You will be creating an art project that specifically TAKES A STAND on your chosen cause. In order to take a stand make sure you understand all of the viewpoints on your issue or cause. Understanding the opposition is an important part of making a valid case for your own side. Think of this as a visual debate...your work will support your side of the debate expressing your point of view, but upheld by facts you've researched.

To begin this project you will complete research on the class wiki. At the wiki you will need to write 5-7 sentences to explain the cause you've chosen, the point of view you plan to illustrate and any other pertinent information that will help us better understand your work. You will also post images you found during your research and cite any resources you used for the research. Make these into links to the various websites. You may also choose to interview someone for this project. If so make sure you give credit to the person you interviewed citing who they are, the date of the interview, whether it was by phone or in person and the place where the interview occurred. See the assignment description for more details on your art project. Research is due this Friday, November 19th with everything posted to the wiki.

The following websites might be a good place to begin your research. Don't forget to use Diigo to bookmark and text code what you find. If you don't remember how to use Diigo click here.

Link to my Diigo list of other sites.

Create a new page with your name and Social Justice as the title. (mine would be Jeanne-Social Justice). When your page is complete let me know and I will link to your name here. Make sure you've met all the criteria for this assignment.