Find examples online of your favorite portraits. Try to look at people you’ve never looked at before. Post your 3 favorite images and explain why you like them here on the wiki. Make sure you look at each other’s links and comment on at least 3 other people’s postings. Make sure the images you post relate to the media or portfolio you are trying to explore. Try to find images that show the figure or most of it in the portrait. No head and shoulders only.

The 3 images I've added above are by (left to right) Mary Cassatte, Imogene Cuningham and Alice Neel. Each is an example of a female artist's distinct take on self portrait. The images of Imogene and Alice are especially interesting to me because society usually doesn't view old women as beautiful, interesting or even worthy of looking at on screen or in a gallery. I think their bravery as artists who kept working well into their 80s is fantastic. Mary Cassatte interests me because she was one of the only Impressionist artists who was female. She was good friends with Edgar Degas and other impressionists. I admire her work because she embraced her role as a woman, painting scenes of domesticity.

Nathan Knutson:
These are my favorite self-portraits I found. It is Duer, Stacy Benson, and Chuck Close. These all share an extreme focus on detail and realism and thats something that I think I also focus on with my mark-making. So honestly I think these best reflect my style of art. My favorite part of them is just the raw detail put into each one. The Stacy Benson one is typography and is amazing considering all the shading is done by overlapping word and text. The Duer and Close ones, are just Hyperrealism almost looking more like photographs. I think I also focus more on that, more than the actual reflection of who the person is, so thats why these are my favorite. Someone elses that i really like is Amber's 1st one, its really dramatic and grungy and i was attracted to it. Another one i liked was austin's 1st one also, its a really cool like cut in half of clothing wear, and interested me and showed the persons multiple personality's reflecting off what they wear. The last person portraits that i liked is Aimee's 3rd one it really appeals to me and i think its extrodinary because of the color choice (reminds me of my actual one kinda).

Austin Aumend:
These are the three self-portraits I found on flickr. I liked them all because of the way they did them. For the first one I like how it's a self portrait of the guy but it's also many different pictures of himself Frankenstein-ed together to create one person. This also shows what the person likes to do and where.
The second one I picked because it was strange and unique. It combined both the aspects of a facial portrait as well as combining parts of a full body portrait. It's just weird and makes you think about what you are looking at. The third one I chose because it was a base photograph with no editing that portrayed emotions and I liked it. At the time the girl was feeling under the weather so she dressed up and took pictures. In this photo you can see that she's uncomfortable yet still enjoys having fun and dressing up. I figured that these work with my portfolio because the first two deal with photo-manipulation and the third ones a photograph and they all kind of deal with design.
As for the other pictures on this wikispace I really like Nathan and Hannah's pictures that have the words. I just like the way that the words form their face and that assumedly the words mean something important to them, it's a really cool concept. The other one I like is Aimee's third one with the girl made up of all the graphics. It's just a cool image that bends the mind and makes you think about what you are looking at and makes her look really cool.
James Howard:
These self portraits explore a variety of media. On the left is a black and white pastel drawing by Joe Goddard, the middle is a digital rendering of an image drawing by Rachael Noel, and on the right is an ink drawing done by renaissance master artist Leonardo DaVinci. I like the drawing on the left because it is simple, seemingly unfinished, yet expressive. The rendering is skillful and well done, and the man's face itself tells an interesting story. The middle piece is a little out of my category by means of craftsmanship, but it still peaks my interest. The drawing itself is strong and beautiful, and the background with a shadow of the drawing adds to the beauty. Leonardo's drawing is a sketch that to me is unbelievable. He used ink, and therefore couldn't make a single mistake in the miniscule crosshatching. I've never been able to do crosshatching, so I envy his skill.

Aimee Violette

The images above are portaits that me. The first is a photo i found on flickr from the user smarties. The colors and location of the photo are amazing, and the person is worked into the composition of the photo well, with the slump of her posture used to continue the shapes in the photo. I also like the use of the balloons to reiterate the color of her skirt. The second is a photo from flickr as well. I like the use of the frames within the actual photo, and the multiple different views of the subject acheived by using the mirror. This, along with the black and white, bring a mysterious feel. The final portrait is a piece by Greno. Apart from this piece, Greno has many portraits that follow a similarly messy yet interesting feel. The unique approach and complex elements within his work makes his designs really stand out to me.

Amber WIlson

The first one I could not help but choose even though you said no head and shoulders only. It is just so creative and impacts me every time I see it. It is abstract but at the same time realistic. It reminds me of something I would attempt to do. Maybe not succeed in but attempt. The style and the use of color is brilliant.
I like the composition of the second one with the wall line going through the middle. The patterns that were used in the background are amazing. It may be split in in middle but the patterns make it very interesting. I find the shading on the pants to be great. Simple yet still amazing.
The third one is the most inspiring to me. For the fact that it’s bringing a dream world in a rea
listic light. The person is done very realistically to the point where I feel like I could just go and sit right next to him. But at the same time its like peeking into a dream land. The combination of realistic and dream is something that has always intrigues me. I like that he is also placed on the left side but at the same time there is a very good connection with the place that he is. There is unity with the bunny ears on his head connecting him with the bunnies he is happening to be interacting with. I also like fact that anywhere you look is a point of interest.

Hannah Greene
The images above are my favorite portraits I found. The one all the way on the right is by a famous artist name Kehinde Wiley. He is one of my favorites because of how realistic his portraits of people look. The middle one is one of my favorites also, compositionally and how all the movies around her describe her and brings your focus slowly into her. I personally also like movies a lot and some of my favorites are in this photo. I also like the one all the way to the left because at first glance it may just look like a photo and then you zoom into all of the words. I also like how even his eyes have words and his lips.
Comments: Austin: The one picture of the guy with the legs and hands coming out of his face is really creepy and it makes me shiver just looking at it. Its a really creative idea but other than that it is really creepy.
James: I really like the second one james posted of the girl. I think its really cool and I really wish I could know what media that person used to make it. I really like the composition and how there are two faces, the second one being just a white outline.
Amber: I also like the first one amber posted mostly because of the colors and how it kindof looks mosaic like. It really stood out to me and yet again i really wish i could know what media that person used.

Riley Kirchoff

Ireally like this self portrait (left) from flickr because it is very unique. The artist, Holly Henry, incorporated many different aspects of design into the photo. This photo uses creativity in unity and balance.
I really like this self portrait by Malin Svensson (center) on Flickr. I like the fact that she has a blurred version of herself and that her eyes are closed in the clear one. The colors look really nice in this portrait and there is a sense of movement from the design perspective.Beron646 added the colorful self portrait (right) to flickr. I think it uses the space very well and, although it is a floating it, it has a lot of emphasis and shows emotion.
I really liked the self portrait that Amber uploaded of the man with the rabbits. I think it is very unique and shows a good composition.
I also like the one Hannah uploaded of the face with text in it. It is very eye catching and even though there's text, it still shows shading. It is really cool.
I like the second one Aimme uploaded too because it is different. It is the view from the back but you can still see the person's face in the mirror she is holding. This photo also has a good composition. Banner

Kelsey Miller

The photo on the left was taken by Llona Skorobulatova. I really love it even though it has a very simple composition. The thing about it that really works is how the side walk isn't straight, its at an angle.

The photo in the middle was taken by Karl Brondbo from Russia. I love how the lighting is so bright on the side of her. I think its very unique.

The photo on the right is by Shelbie Dimond. I just think this is a really good photo because it kind of shows more of the girls personality off. I also love the bridge that she is on, it looks very rustic and it makes me think that she is kind of "taking a risk" being on it.

The self portrait that nathan posted (the one on the far right) is my favorite one out of all of these. It is just so well composed and it has very good craftsman to it.
The middle portrait in Rileys banner is so beautiful! I actually was going to use a photo from that series but then i saw that she posted it. Those remind me of what i did for the documentary photography project.