Your Assignment:

  1. Read this class wiki page on metamorphosis and text code the reading using Diigo. If you don't know how to use Diigo, watch the tutorial first. Click on the links included here on this wiki. We will watch the videos together on screen. Read the first couple paragraphs of Kafka's metamorphosis just to get a feel for the reading. Read too the very beginning of the article on Metamorphosis in literature.
    • Analysis Question: Use pink to code these
    • 1What is metamorphosis?
    • How has the concept of metamorphosis influenced art and visual communication?
    • How are MC Eschers tesselations related to morphing?
    • Connections- Use Yellow to connect your findings to your own art making. How will what you've read connect back to your concept for this project. Text code the other readings and visual findings you gather and comment on how this connects to your work.
    • Vocabulary: metamorphosis, morphology, morphing, transformation, Franz Kafka, Ovid (use blue to text code any vocabulary findings)
    • Questions: if what you're reading brings up questions you have about your work or your interpretations or about the concepts code with green and ask the questions by using a post it note.
  2. After text coding the assigned reading here then research the concept of metamorphosis and morphing as defined for our class.
  3. Find 3 examples of metamorphosis.
  4. Post the art images you found and explain how the work will influence your own.
  5. Explain in terms of the elements and principles of design how the images your found are strong works of art.
  6. Explain why you chose the works you did and what you find compelling about the art.
  7. Post the content you find here by creating a new page to add your content. Name your page Last Name Metamorph

Megan G
Megan P
Megan B

What is metamorphosis?

A caterpillar forms a chrysalis and seems to die, but then emerges as a changed entity, the butterfly. It is the same being only changed.

Metamorphosis is the concept of change and transformation. It can be a physical, spiritual or psychological change. It is a transformation, as by magic. To metamorphose is to change in appearance, character, condition, or function.


//Metamorphosis is a recurring theme in literature// with shape shifting and transformations happening in many fantasy and fairy tale stories. The book //Metamorphosis// by Franz Kafka starts out with a startling revelation of a metamorphosis that has happened overnight to Gregor the main character. Going way back in history there is the poet Ovid who wrote of the many metamorphoses at the root of Greek mythology.

In each instance a change occurs that transforms the main character physically, but also psychologically.

What is morphology?

1a :a branch of biology that deals with the form and structure of animals and plants b : the form and structure of an organism or any of its parts
2a : a study and description of word formation (as inflection, derivation, and compounding) in language
b : the system of word-forming elements and processes in a language
3a : a study of structure or form b : structure, form
4: the external structure of rocks in relation to the development of erosional forms or topographic features

Yes, but what does all of that stuff have to do with Art?

For our class we are really focusing more on the concept of morphing which is:

What does it mean to Morph?

Morphing is a //special effect// in //motion pictures// and //animations// that changes (or morphs) one //image// into another through a seamless transition. Most often it is used to depict one person turning into another through technological means or as part of a fantasy or surreal sequence. Traditionally such a depiction would be achieved through cross-fading techniques on film.
Since the early 1990s, this has been replaced by computer software to create more realistic transitions.

George Bush morphs into Barrack Obama.


Artists have made the concept of morphing or meta-morphosis their own. Recall the Powerpoint we watched in class. There were many examples including
Octavio Ocampo
Salvador Dali
Marian Bantjes
MC Escher click here to see Escher's Metamorphosis use your mouse to pan the whole strip.

Read more about the concept of Tessellation and how it relates to Escher's view of morphing.

Click here to see some examples of other people's tessellation attempts.