Class Blogs and Flickr 2017-18

Class Blogs 2017-18

I am going to link to my blogs here. I have been blogging for awhile. Each of the blogs I have has a slightly different focus. Blogs are best when you post with frequency (weekly if possible) and keep your posts brief and to the point. It is helpful to include links and images since the blog is a visual kind of journal. Remember a blog is based on your own opinion like a journal or essay. If you state factual information make sure you are accurate and site your sources if that is the intent of the post. Lastly blogs are most successful when they are actually read by somebody....anybody! Make sure you leave comments on the blogs you read. It's all about expressing your opinion.

We will use these blogs throughout first semester of AP Studio Art. You can scan or photograph your Visual Journal pages and upload them to the blog as part of your weekly reflections. Make sure you make your blog public so we can all see it and find it.

Here are my blogs.

Mrs. Bjork Digital Sojourns: A blog about web 2.0 and all the new technology and how it affects my teaching.
Mrs. Bjork The Part-Time Artist: A blog about my interests in being an artist, participating in art exhibits and art education.
My Weebly site has a blog as part of it. I use this to write about Art Education and what's happening in the PHS art room.

Link your name here so we can all find each other easily. You should be following each others' blogs. It is easy to follow, just click the follow button at the top of the screen in the blogspot blog. You should look at what your classmates are posting and definitely comment on their posts.

Click here to set up a blog on blogger.

To create a link

  1. Copy the link to your blogger account and your flickr account. (mac:command c or crtl c on pc)
  2. Click the Edit button at the upper right side of your screen.
  3. Highlight your name below.
  4. Click the link icon in the Edit box
  5. Choose External Link and paste (Mac: command V or PC ctrl C) the link into the box.
  6. Save your changes and you should see your name linked.

2017-18 AP ART Classmates:




Michelle DeLaMatter

Nate Berard

Megan Sunderlage

Taylor Baum

Ashley Barwick

Madison Rebholz

Jackson Libowsky

Katie Houck

Megan Wilborn

Sam Larson