Photo 1: Edward Xuereb
Photo 2: Kazuhiko Nakamura
Photo 3: Lvova Kseniya

Metamorphosis is an amazing concept, I feel like this will be one of my favorite projects since a-lot of the art work i create is unrealistic but anyways these are the 3 photos i found online that i feel inspire me the most. The first photo i found was the one created by Edward Xuereb, I find this to be inspiring because it looks like its illustration but actually its a photo i like how its symmetrical. The symmetry makes it look almost as if its making a bird in the middle and on top a face. The second piece of art work i absolutely love i think we saw it in the examples already but I still wanted to use it just because it's so creative. I think its made on the computer but still making something as creative as that on the computer takes so much time and skill. The last photo i found on google it's made by Lvova Kseniya probably an artist from japan or china i say this cause the name but anyways this drawing is very inspirational to me cause i find this to be the most like my art style. I love the randomness put into the photo and how everything just seems to flow. Also the symmetry in the photo is amazing even though the objects aren't even the same on each side.