This is a mural by Octavio Ocampo. I love this piece because not only is is visually amazing, but it tells a story through the progressions of the people. I love how the human body is used to create the human face, and then the background is also used to help understand the progression of the people. To me this piece looks like old fashion Greek era people that go to the current era with the person in the middle, going to the technological way of life with the industrial era, into the future. I think that in this piece unity and rhythm was used well by using repetition and tying the entire piece together. This piece will influence my art by helping me understand how to show progression by repetition.


This is by Octavio Ocampo and the main thing that drew me to this piece was the positive negative space. In this piece the positive space creates and image, and the negative space in the background is a new image, which was created by the positive image. In addition to the great use of positive and negative space, this piece is made up of so many different objects that create the face that your eyes never stop moving. One of the things that I will take away to my art is to be conscious about how my positive shapes create negative shapes also. Octavio Ocampo was really strong in using shapes to create his overall piece.

This is by Valdamir Kush and this piece will influence my own art because of how its not just a butterfly that looks like a piano, the entire scene makes the image work. I love how Kush using bright colors and cuts up the space to create emphasis. The thing I love most about this piece is how the more you look at it the more you notice. I think that this piece is interesting at the first glance, but it gets more interesting the more you look at it. In my work I want to have every part in the piece I make to be part of my concept and not to just make my piece look good. For example in this piece how even the coil from the piano is incorporated into the butterfly and how Kush kept the reflection in the piano, even the people are in little cocoons.