For my social justice cause I plan on doing Censorship. Censorship rears it's ugly head in many forms, but it mainly targets three specific areas, the art world, the television/video game world, and the readable material. The government deems it necessary to block all forms of offensive or immoral material from the consumers eyes. They block art work showing any form of near-pornographic material including nudes and offensive imagery. They block television shows that may show nudity or foul language that may be perfectly acceptable in other cultures, such as England and Asia. And finally they block all detrimental literature, be it books against the government, internet sites with information they don't want public, or anything they don't like. It's as if everything that speaks out against the government, shows nudity, or offends someone is propaganda for mischievous organizations. People have been fighting censorship for years and they will never stop until the government concedes defeat.

I stand on the side of no more censorship. The people who censor the world act as if we are all kids and we can't be allowed to view such things. They try to tell us what we can and cannot watch and it is completely against the idea of free will, free speech, and freedom in general. Art is meant to be viewed as it was originally intended, art is not meant to be seen with big black rectangles or not seen at all. Television and Video Games are meant for entertainment and getting a message across, what's the point of watching or playing if you can't view the half of it. And finally literature was created for the same reasons as art and television, to be viewed, to be read, and to get a point/message across. If half the book is missing it ceases to be anything at all. Yes on the opposition they do have some valid points, things that are created for the purposes of dissent should be blocked, but you can't go around and assume that everything is created for dissent. It's like McCarthy assuming that all things red relate to communism. Everything that is created in this world should be viewed in their original form and not hidden behind mountains of red tape.

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