Food Industry Animal Cruelty - specifically, the egg industry.

The U.S. egg industry grinds up, gases or suffocates 250 million living male chicks each year, merely because they are an unprofitable asset to the company. Battery hens are debeaked and stuffed into cages where there isn't even enough room to stand up straight, causing chronic pain and lifelong deformation. After the suffering chickens die, their carcasses can remain festering in the tight confinement space until the workers think to check for more than just the number of eggs produced. The abuses which these chickens suffer from birth to the moment they are shoved through the slaughterhouse shredders to be concocted into a school lunch is disgracefully inhumane. Though the cruelty of the meat industry often has light shone on it, the horrors of the egg industry are often overlooked.
There are no federal laws in place to regulate the actions of egg companies. The egg industry fights this legislation, claiming that "laying fowl cannot be economically rendered insensible to pain prior to having their throats cut or being decapitated". A change has to be made. Whether its through efforts to create rights for these animals through legislation or through minimalizing the amount of eggs purchased and consumed, action against these horrors is necessary. With a decreased demand to satisfy, maybe the egg industry can be rid of its torturous conditions by focusing on the welfare of its animals, rather than just on profit.
In our social justice project, I want to raise awareness of this evil and promote efforts to improve the conditions these hens endure.
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